Adrenal Health

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    Adreset® is designed to build resilience and enhance stamina in individuals who are feeling weak and fatigued due to stress.*

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    Licorice Plus

    Licorice Plus® is designed to support healthy cortisol metabolism in individuals who have been exposed to prolonged stress.*

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    Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C

    Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C, liposomes filled with Vitamin C are transported directly into the bloodstream, and into the cells, making it a high performance supplement for a healthy cardiovascular, reproductive, immune, and nervous system.*

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Adrenal Support Protocol:

In our modern world, our adrenal glands often take a lot of abuse. The adrenals are the tiny glands that sit atop the kidneys and help regulate our hormones. They are our “fight or flight” glands. Symptoms of adrenal fatigue include: difficulty waking up, brain fog, fatigue, an inability to handle stress, craving salt, weakened immunity, being a night owl, dry skin, dizziness, low blood pressure, low blood sugar, weight gain, low sex drive and dark circles under the eyes.

Adrenal fatigue can be the result of stress, poor diet and insufficient sleep. Consuming excessive sugar is often the biggest dietary culprit. When the blood sugar dives too low, the adrenal glands secrete hormones that raise blood sugar levels. Doing this day after day can wear out the adrenal glands and possibly lead to adrenal fatigue and, potentially, adrenal failure.

 Our adrenal health protocol supplies herbal adaptogens that support the body to handle stress. It also supplies nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B and minerals like potassium and magnesium, nutrients that can become depleted when the body experiences stress.

Product Brand Purpose Suggested Dosage
Adreset Metagenics Relief for stress-related fatigue Take two capsules one to three times daily
Licorice Plus Metagenics Support for Cortisol Metabolism Take two tablets one to two times daily
Lypo-spheric Vitamin C LivOn Support healthy adrenal and immune function Take one package one to three times daily
Lypo-spheric Vitamin B Complex LivOn Support stress recovery and energy production Take one package one to three times daily
Mg/K Aspartate Metagenics Depleted during times of stress Take 2 tablets right before bed

Dietary Suggestions for Adrenal Fatigue:

  • Eat small meals every 2 hours to maintain steady blood sugar levels.
  • Avoid all processed foods, sugars and simple starches.
  • Incorporate organic, pastured foods where possible. Quality counts!
  • Each meal should include 2-4oz of protein. Good sources include: meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds
  • Eat an abundance of vegetables. You cannot eat too many. Focus on dark leafy greens and a variety of other colors. Avoid the following: potatoes, yams, carrots
  • Eat plenty of wholesome, natural fats like: butter, coconut oil, olive oil, walnut, flax, etc. Avoid hydrogenated fats and oils like Crisco, margarine, soybean oil and “salad” oil.
  • Be careful with fruit. Too much can elevate blood sugar. Fruit is best digested if eaten alone, between meals. Choose lower sugar fruits like green apples, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Avoid starchy fruits like bananas, mangos, papaya. Avoid dried fruits.
  • Avoid dairy.